Citronella Oil 46ml Insect Repellent


Citronella Oil 46ml Insect Repellent

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Citronella Oil 46ml Insect Repellent


This is a specially prepared oil of citronella. It is aromatic, gentle and soothing.

1) a ‘natural’ mosquito repellent / 纯天然的驱蚊防蚊剂

2) repellent for body louse and head louse / 防范生长于身体和头上的虱子

3) a hair tonic to groom and help condition growth / 作为生发素来护发和帮助控制生发状态

4) a body massage and aroma therapeutic oil for body muscle relaxation / 作为身体按摩和香薰油的放松缓解身体肌肉和舒缓润肌肤



● apply sufficient amount to the skin or to the clothing or to room decorative items e.g. artificial flowers to keep mosquito away / 在皮肤或衣物上或家内装饰物例子干花涂上适量此油

● apply to the body, scalp, and hair as required / 用途2和3:根据所需涂搽适量于身体

● apply to the body as a lubricating and soothing massage oil / 作为润滑油涂搽并按摩于身体上


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