IKEA BJ RKSTA Jonasta Picture, Framed 1881 Old Map


IKEA BJ RKSTA Jonasta Picture, framed 1881 Old Map

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Brand: IKEA

Pictures and frames are wrapped separately.

Choose the right size canvas, your favorite patterns, and your favorite frame colors to create a painting that fits your style and walls.

You can make the frame visible, or you can have the canvas wrap the frame over, and you can choose between the two appearances.

If you want to change, you can easily change the pattern or place the cloth in the frame.

The frame folds into a portable package, while the canvas rolls into a roll, making it easy for you to take it home.

The origin can be found in the packaging

Different wall materials require different types of fixtures. Use a fixture that matches the walls of your home and must be purchased separately.

No wall mounting screws.


Product Size

Height: 140 cm

Width: 200 cm


Environment and Materials



100% polypropylene fiber




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