IKEA GR’NADAL Jonado Furniture Rocking Chair


IKEA GR’NADAL Jonado Rocking Chair

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Brand: IKEA

A stable future

For many years, Jan Ahlsén has been working in Vietnam from the production of Fuji products. “There are many villages that have been specializing in long-established weaving, which can be carried out at home, so production is small.” “Weaving is an important source of income support for families with rice paddies, ” he explains. But now, it’s hard to make ends meet by growing rice and occasionally weaving rattan. Working in a factory ensures a more stable income and a more secure future, as well as passing on traditional processes.

Make rattan fun

A blend of traditional Vietnamese crafts and modern Scandinavian style. Lisa Hilland believes that this wonderful blend can help increase the demand for similar handicrafts. “By creating new products, we can move the rattan weaving process forward and make it the process of the future.”

Hand-woven backrests and seats make every piece of GRöNADAL Jonado unique.

Made from natural materials such as rattan and white wax wood, it is more elegant and attractive over time.

Backrests and cushions are transparently woven, and the rocking chair looks light and functionally flexible and practical.

The origin can be found in the packaging


Product Size

Width: 80 cm

Depth: 81 cm

Height: 86 cm

Seat Width: 47 cm

Seat Depth: 44 cm

Height: 42 cm



Weaving part:

Vine, acrylic varnish

Rocking pieces / back gear / armrests:

Solid white wax wood, acrylic varnish

Armrest frame/seat frame/back frame/cross gear:

Steel, epoxy/polyester powder coating



Scrub thoroughly with cloth-stained neutral cleaner.

Dry with a clean cloth

If placed near a radiator or other heat source, the material will dry out and destroy.



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