IKEA HARGANGEL Ergonomic Side/Back Sleeper Pillow


IKEA HARGANGEL Ergonomic Side/Back Sleeper Pillow

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Brand: IKEA

The gel layer on one side is less thermally conductive and takes a long time to heat up. With a comfortable fabric pillowcase, you can create a cooler sleeping environment.

The surface of the memory sponge is made of a gel that fits closely to your head and neck like a normal memory sponge. The difference is that the temperature of the gel material rises more slowly, creating a cooler sleeping environment for the human body.

If you prefer to lie sideways, use the larger side up. The wedge space with a certain tilt angle supports the shoulders, providing support for the head and neck and relieving shoulder pressure.

If you prefer to lie on your back, use the smaller side up. Tilt slope provides support for neck and neck muscles and helps the body relax.

While the different pillows are designed for side-sleeping and receding sleeping positions, this memory sponge product also makes it comfortable for people who switch between sleeping positions throughout the night.

The small holes in the core of the memory sponge help air flow and absorb moisture for comfort.

If you prefer to lie on your back or side, choose this featured pillow.

The coat is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

The origin can be found in the packaging

Suitable for pillowcases of all sizes 50x80cm.

It can be paired with a pillow case to help extend the life of your pillow. Make your functional pillow look the same as a regular pillow and be ergonomically comfortable.


Product Size

Height: 13 cm

Length: 41 cm

Width: 71 cm


Environment and Materials


Top level material:

79% nylon, 21% polyethylene

Back material:

50% nylon, 50% viscose fiber/rayon


Polyurethane memory sponge

Inner level material:

100% polyester (100% recycled material)




Cannot be washed

Do not bleach


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