IKEA TARN-TARNO Brown Table Plus Four Chairs


IKEA TARN-TARNO Brown Table Plus Four Chairs

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Brand: IKEA

To enhance the durability of the furniture and give you the charm of the original wood, it has been pre-coated with a translucent wood colorant.

Table chairs can be folded and stored in a very small space.

The origin can be found in the packaging

Only recommended for outdoor use.

The cushions must be purchased separately.

Can be paired with a toster-Tostello 145x145cm furniture combination cover.

Available with KUDDARNA Kudana chair cushions (32x36cm), FR’SöN Ffleson/DUVHOLMEN Dufhoum (35cm in diameter) or YTTER’N Itron chair cushions and BR’MöN Blando chair cushions.


Environment and Materials


If your community provides facilities, they can be classified for recycling or energy recovery.

IKEA is committed to positively impacting the entire planet. Therefore, we hope to achieve that all products are recyclable or renewable by 2030 and procure them responsibly.


Chairs, outdoors


Solid wood, acrylic coloring paint


Steel, polyester powder coating


Polypropylene plastic

Table, outdoors


Solid wood, acrylic coloring paint

Side gear / leg / crossbar / support bar:

Steel, polyester powder coating


Clean: Use a mild sap. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Maintenance: To avoid dry surfaces, cracking or moisture seeping into the wood, we recommend that you recolor your furniture regularly, such as once a year or twice a year.

Storage: If possible, keep it in a cool, dry place indoors. If you leave the furniture outdoors, cover it with a waterproof protective cover. After rain or snow, wipe out excess rain or snow on the surface. Keep ventilated to avoid condensation.

Assembly Instructions

T’RN’Tarno Table plus four chairs, outdoors


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