Innisfree Beauty Tool Nail Nipper Removes Unhealthy Cuticles


Innisfree Beauty Tool Nail Nipper

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Innisfree Beauty Tool Nail Nipper

A nail nipper that neatly removes unhealthy cuticles

Product Details

Innisfree nail nipper neatly removes unhealthy nail cuticles. Its excellent cutting force and feeling of grip enables you to easily and simply trim your nails on your own.

1. Apply cuticle remover or oil on the nails, let the cuticles soak in it, and gently push them up with the nail pusher.

2. Cut the pushed cuticles with the nail nipper to clearly trim the nails.

How To Use

* Don’t cut too much of the cuticles because it can damage the nails.
* After using it, clearly wipe the blade of the nipper and insert it into a rubber stopper to store it.


1. The tip of the product is very sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself. 2. Do not apply to wounds or damaged, broken or irritated skin. 3. Do not use in case of having any problem on nails or skin around nails. 4. Be careful not to apply too much force and hurt skin or any part of body. 5. Keep the product clean and for the next use and do not share it with others. 6. Do not use for other purposes than removing cuticles. 7. Keep out of the reach of infants and children.


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