Innisfree Easy Stamping Brow 3 Angle Options


Innisfree Easy Stamping Brow

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Innisfree Easy Stamping Brow

Choose desired brow angle, stamp, and done!

Product Details

1. An unprecedented #ingenious_item presented by innisfree
Select your desired angle then just stamp it on to complete your eyebrow makeup.

2. Pair it with Two-Tone Eyebrow Kit
Dab Easy Stamping Brow into Two-Tone Eyebrow Kit 4-5 times then stamp on the eyebrows to complete a natural look with ease.

3. Comes with 3 angle options
Adjust the angle to create the right eyebrow makeup for you in a single stamp! The angle options include: straight, soft angle and hard angle.

How To Use

STEP 1. Choose from 3 angles/shapes (flat, soft arch, high arch)
STEP 2. Put powder on the stamp. (front – light color, back – dark color)
STEP 3. Stamp starting from the front part of the brows.
STEP 4: Comb through with a stoolie.


1. Do not use on scars or skin with eczema or dermatitis.
2. Keep it clean for next use and do not share with others.
3. Do not use for any purposes other than makeup.
4. Keep out of reach of infants and children.
5. Do not store in places with too high or low temperature or direct sunlight.


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