Innisfree My Eye Shadow [Shimmer & Glitter] 1.5~2.2g


Innisfree My Eye Shadow [Shimmer & Glitter] 1.5~2.2g

Shimmer No. 2 Beige TutuShimmer No. 7 Sogon Sogon StarShimmer No. 18 Rose Falling TimeShimmer No. 20 Plum With SunlightShimmer No. 21 Kkotgalpi DiaryShimmer No. 24 Fireworks at BeachShimmer No. 25 Romantic Rose GardenGlitter No. 1 Shiny PetalsGlitter No. 2 Sunshine Through GapGlitter No. 3 Golden Orange FieldGlitter No. 4 Spring SunshineGlitter No. 6 One Piece TiramisuGlitter No. 8 Starlight ShavingsGlitter No. 11 The road to the starGlitter No. 12 The Sea Stained By The SunsetGlitter No. 13 Sunset SkyGlitter No. 14 Hongsi Nom NomGlitter No. 15 Dancing Maple LeafGlitter No. 16 Brilliant Paik Il-hong
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Innisfree My Eye Shadow [Shimmer & Glitter] 1.5~2.2g

Bright and colorful pearls & glitters from elegant shimmer pearls to glamorous glitters



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