Innisfree Perfumed Body & Hair Mist 100ml


Innisfree Perfumed Body & Hair Mist 100ml

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Innisfree Perfumed Body & Hair Mist 100ml

Lightweight, summer-appropriate body & hair mist with refreshing scents instead of heavy perfume

Product Details

1. Delicate scent of Jeju island from head to toe!
It consists of the five best selling scents of Jeju life perfumed hand cream, with an additional cedar scent. You can feel the subtle dewy scent of the rich fragrance from head to toe as if you are in Jeju island.

2. Easy-to-carry travel size!
Carry the light plastic pump bottle in your bag or pouch, and spray it anytime on your hair and/or body. (*Empty bottle can be returned to stores)

3. Reasonable price and sweet fragrance
With the colorful designs, sweet and fresh fragrance and reasonable price, it is a gen-Z holy grail that’s perfect as a gift for your friends or even yourself.

How To Use

[Directions] Spray evenly on hair or body, except for face.


[Caution] 1. Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use. 2. Do not use on broken or damaged skin. 3. Handling and storage cautions. 1) Keep out of the reach of children. 2) Avoid direct sunlight. 4. Use after a patch test on earlobe or wrist before using if you have sensitive skin. 5. Rinse off immediately if the product got in your eyes and go see a doctor. 6. The product has to be stored in a shady place with 15~35℃, or else, it may alter or have discoloration.


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