Innisfree Vintage Filter Blur pact 3.7g


Innisfree Vintage Filter Blur pact 3.7g

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Innisfree Vintage Filter Blur pact 3.7g

Blur pact that creates a smooth and smooth face as if wearing a vintage filter.

Moist on the inside and smooth skin on the outside to correct pores.

With jelly balm formulation, the skin is smooth and soft and the moisture inside the skin is blurred between the skin texture so that the moisture does not escape.

Unnecessary oil control effect on the skin

A correction pact that quickly captures excess skin oil and maintains the first make up effect without clumping even if it is applied several times.

Easy-to-use size with a soft filter anytime, anywhere

With a handy size, you can easily and smoothly anytime, anywhere. (44mm wide x 28mm high/3.7g)


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