Innisfree Vivid Cotton Stick 2g Tinted Lipstick


Innisfree Vivid Cotton Stick 2g

No 1 Warm NudeNo. 2 Dusty PeachNo. 3 Orange CookieNo. 4 Red Bean PinkNo. 5 Maple RedNo. 6 Cinnamon RedNo. 7 Chocolate BrickNo. 8 Firey RedNo. 9 Plum VibeNo. 10 Purple Berry
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Innisfree Vivid Cotton Stick 2g

A tinted lipstick with vibrant colors and a cotton-like, feather light texture.

Product Details

1. Featherlight, moist inside, matte outside texture is in a stick!!
Added fitting benefit to the Vivid Cotton Ink’s moist inside and matte outside texture, allowing color to fit as light as feather, staying on comfortably on lips.

2. Long lasting power of tint and color expression of a tint in a stick!
Porous sphere powder excellent in color expression and fitting sensation, allows vivid color expression of a lipstick without showing wrinkles nor clumping, and long-lasting benefit of a tint with super fitting texture.

3. Trendy wearable color you wear everyday!
Selectable from 8 wearable colors that you want to keep using, anyone can express daily makeup easily.

How To Use

[How to use] Rotate slightly, apply directly onto lip and blend with fingers.


[Caution] (1) For external use only. (2) Avoid direct contact with eyes. (3) If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. (4) Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation occurs. (5) Keep out of reach of children.



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