Laneige Ideal Blush Duo 8g Duo Blusher


Laneige Ideal Blush Duo 8g Duo Blusher

No. 1 Lily LavenderNo. 2 Peach MintNo. 3 Juicy RoseNo. 4 California CoralNo. 6 Wood BlossomNo. 7 Mute Rose
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Laneige Ideal Blush Duo 8g Duo Blusher

It is a duo blusher that creates an ideal look with transparent color development and trendy color layering.

Recommended for skin troubles like this!

1. When creating a natural complexion cheek

2. When you want to layer in various colors

3. When you want a subtle color


No. 1 Lily Lavender

No. 2 Peach Mint

No. 3 Juicy Rose

No. 4 California Coral

No. 6 Wood Blossom

HOW TO use

Basic usage of Ideal Blush Duo

Gently sweep the contents with the enclosed brush, then gently sweep diagonally from the bottom of the apple zone or cheekbones to the side.


  1. Apple Zone Touch in light pink color
  2. Lavender color point in the center of the apple zone to complete pure and pure makeup
    1. Apple zone tone correction touch with mint color
    2. Coral pink color touch in the center of the apple zone
    3. Blur with mint color once more to complete lovely makeup
    4. NO.3 JUICY ROSE
      1. Divide the clown diagonally and touch the pink color inside
      2. Apply coral color on the outside to complete a vibrant and refreshing makeup through natural layering
        1. In coral orange color, touch the diagonal line from the center of the cheekbone to the side in front of the ear
        2. Expressing a highlighter on the cheeks, under the eyes, and in the shadow zone with gold pearls to complete attractive and healthy makeup
        1. NO.6 WOOD BLOSSOM
          1. Shading expression in brown color on hairline and U zone (side line, chin line, nose side)
          2. Natural gradation with beige color to complete edgy makeup
          1. NO.7 MUTE ROSE
            1. Touch the light rose color diagonally along the cheekbones
            2. Touch the deep rose color on the front of the face to sharpen the outline
            3. Precaution
          2. 1. Use as a clean brush, and do not share the brush with others.
            2. If you have any abnormalities on your skin, discontinue use.


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