Laneige Ideal Shadow Quad 6g 4 Colors Shadow Palette


Laneige Ideal Shadow Quad 6g

No. 11 Autumn MuteNo. 1 Tangled TangerineNo. 2 Cafe SoloNo. 5 Pink MaroonNo. 7 Rose Bay Garden
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Laneige Ideal Shadow Quad 6g

It is a 4 color shadow palette that creates an ideal look with the color it looks and adheres to.

Recommended for skin troubles like this!

1. When looking for products with high color power

2. When you need a product that adheres closely without flying


Ideal Shadow Quad Color Chart

No. 11 Autumn Mute

No. 1 Tangled Tangerine

No. 2 Cafe Solo

No. 5 Pink Maroon

No. 7 Rose Bay Garden

HOW TO use

Basic usage of Ideal Shadow Quad

Apply 4 colors evenly around the eyes by adjusting the amount according to the desired coloration level.


1. Use a clean tip and do not share the tip with others.
2. Do not let the tip come into contact with your eyes and do not use it in a shaking place.
3. Do not deform/modify the tip.
4. If there is any abnormality on the skin, stop using it.


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