Laneige Layering Lip Bar 1.9g 6 Colors In One Lipstick


Laneige Layering Lip Bar 1.9g

No. 1 Layering FantasyNo. 2 Milk BlurringNo. 3 Gelash RedNo. 4 Orange PleasureNo. 5 Witty CoralNo. 6 Alluring RedNo. 7 Awesome PinkNo. 8 Crushed PinkNo. 9 Quiet PinkNo. 10 Tasty SalmonNo. 11 Moody RedNo. 12 Stubborn RoseNo. 13 Bitter RoseNo. 14 Candid BrickNo. 15 Shai Beige16 Lonely CoralNo. 17 No Doout CoralNo. 18 Pierce FuchsiaNo. 19 Genie RedNo. 20 Soul Red
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Laneige Layering Lip Bar 1.9g

6 colors in one lipstick Full lips with natural gradation by a single touch


Layering Lip Bar

Layering Lip Bar contains 6 colors in 1 lipstick
creating full lips with natural gradation by a single touch

#Realvolume #singletouch #6colors

Key Point


Layering Lip Bar

6 layering colors for real voluminous lips by a single touch

layering lip bar image

Key Point 1.
6 layering colors by a single touch

Real natural gradation made of 6 colors

Key Point 2.
Intense color payoff

Bold colors with a wide range of shades (6 layers x 20 colors)

Key Point 3.
High-adherence texture

Instant adherence for a perfect looking voluminous lips with 6 colors


Layering Lip Bar – Cream

#High-adherence #FullGlow #Plumplips

Creamy lip bar for a glowy and intense plump lips

layering lip bar image

layering lip bar image

Multi-layered Pigment

Multi-layered pigments and ultra micronized pigments (UMP) offer intense colors and long-lastingness

layering lip bar image

Volumizing Resin

• High-viscosity volumizing resin creates a dewy radiant gloss for lips that look natural yet full

• Color contrast from 6 finely-divided spectrum for a visual volumizing effect

layering lip bar image

Fitting Glow Texture

Smaller than normal lipstick particles, the short cubic crystals adhere fully and firmly to the lips giving a lightweight and comfortable feel

layering lip bar image

Moisture Wrap™

LANEIGE’s original moisturizing technology Moisture Wrap™, a dense layer of beta-glucan moisture containing active ingredients of hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose root extract and hunza apricot extract offers deep hydration and comfortable feel to the skin when used for long hours

Layering Lip Bar – Matte

#ComfyMatte #BlurringEffect #LipBlurring

Matte Lip Bar with intense colors that adheres firmly to the lips offering a soft matte finish

layering lip bar image

True Pigment

Fine pigment powder refined through the jet mill is put into production without any extra processing to give a rich and clear color

Comfortable Matte Texture with CSA oil

• Caprylic/capric triglyceride CSA from palm trees and coconut oil gives a silky and light-weight wear

• It spreads in a thin layer for a comfortable matte texture


Layering Lip Bar

Layering Lip Bar – Cream

layering lip bar image No. 1 Layering Fantasy – Special mix of six colors capturing the emotional changes of women

layering lip bar imageNo.2 Milk Blurring – Clear red that creates a natural gradation from the inner lips                          

layering lip bar imageNo.3 Jealousy Red – Perfect mix of red and orange! Fruity orange-red of a bright and lively woman

layering lip bar imageNo.4 Orange Pleasure – Orange with a tinge of red that reminds of the delicious scent of fresh orange

layering lip bar image★No.5 Witty Coral – [Main Color] Shining coral that brightens every skin tone

layering lip bar image★★ No.6 Alluring Red –  [Main Color] Coral red for an elegantly shinning woman

layering lip bar imageNo.7 Awesome Pink – Awesome pink from an unexpected mix of vivid pink and neon orange

layering lip bar imageNo.8 Crushed Pink – Fruity fresh pink that looks as juicy as crushed watermelon

layering lip bar imageNo.9 Quiet Pink – Natural pink for a pure, elegant and romantic look

layering lip bar imageNo.10 Tasty Salmon – Ideal choice for a spring look, as perfect as a light chiffon dress

layering lip bar imageNo.11 Moody Red – Classic red! Red mixed with natural skin beige that never goes wrong

layering lip bar imageNo.12 Stubborn Rose – Deep rose as intense and enticing as a rose

layering lip bar imageNo.13 Bitter Rose – Natural MLBB rose for a drop of rose on the lips

layering lip bar image★No.14 Candid Brick – [Main Color] MLBB brick to enhance the natural color of the lips and bring out your true natural beauty

Layering Lip Bar – Matte

layering lip bar imageNo.15 Shy Beige – Classic MLBB. Easy beige-brick for daily dose of liveliness

layering lip bar imageNo.16 Lonely Coral – Toned-down coral for a soft, gentle and pure image

layering lip bar image★★No.17 No Doubt Coral – [Main Color] Classic coral. Orange coral-red on the lips brightens the face

layering lip bar imageNo.18 Fierce Fuchsia – Sparky and cheerful light pink-fuchsia

layering lip bar image★No.19 Genie Red – [Main Color] Real deep red. A good choice for red lip beginners

layering lip bar imageNo.20 Soul Red – Profound and sexy red-burgundy


1. Use this product only for its intended use as described.

2. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme high or low temperatures.

3. Discontinue use if skin develops abnormal symptoms.


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