Laneige Perfect New Youth Regenerator 40ml


Laneige Perfect New Youth Regenerator 40ml

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Laneige Perfect New Youth Regenerator 40ml

Total anti-aging essence that reduces five signs of early skin aging


Fast-acting anti-aging Essence
with powerful Glyco-Miracle™ that relieves
the 5 key signs of skin aging

[Wrinkles, Elasticity, Radiance, Moisture, Texture]

First Solution for skin aging

Key Ingredients

Ingredient 1
Skin energy revitalizer ‘Energy-Glyco’

Extracted and concentrated from the root of wild butterfly ginger to regenerate skin cell and activates skin energy

Ingredient 2
Purity 90% French peptide ‘Tri-Peptide’

Creating anti-aging protein, procollagen, the mother of collagen,
which increases skin firmness.

Ingredient 3
Anti-oxidant bomb ‘Berry Complex’

4X stronger anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C: Complex with Acai berry and Acerola extracts

How to use

After youth skin refiner, take an appropriate amount and
gently apply from center of face towards the contour.

Lightly pat with fingertips and use palms to gently press
cheeks 2-3 times for penetration.


1) For external use only.
2) Avoid direct contact with eyes.
3) If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation occurs.
4) Keep out of reach of children
5) Keep away from direct sunlight


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