Laneige Phyto-Alexin Moisture Soothing Ampoule 50ml


Laneige Phyto-Alexin Moisture Soothing Ampoule 50ml

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Laneige Phyto-Alexin Moisture Soothing Ampoule 50ml


Moisture soothing ampoule essence that cares for sensitive skin from urban harmful environments

From dryness and harmful environment It feels like protecting. 90.3%

Excellent skin affinity Less stimulation and mild. 90.3%

The skins felt comfortable 90.3%

Exfoliation of dead skin cells It seems to have decreased. 90.3%


Moisture soothing ampoule that instantly feels cooling and moist


Phytoalexin moisture soothing ampoule, try it like this!

Step 1: Take an appropriate amount with an eyedropper, apply evenly to the skin, and gently press it around your face for absorption.

Step 2: It’s a refreshing formulation that absorbs quickly, so if you apply it like a skin pack, you can feel a deep soothing effect.

Step 3: It is even better when used with Phytoalexin Soothing Moisturizing Cream.


1) If you have symptoms or side effects of cosmetics used during or after use areas are redness, swelling or itching by sunlight using it to speak as a professional

2) Areas with wounds, etc., it will refrain from using

3 ) Precautions for storage and handling

a) Keep out of reach of children

b) Keep away from direct sunlight


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