Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick 3.5g All Skin Type


Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick 3.5g

No.13 Be My RoseNo.14 Wanderers RoseNo.118 Flash LightNo.140 Martini PinkNo.142 Love Me New MeNo.144 Get Healthy RoseNo.147 Raspberry PinkNo.214 Sunrise RoseNo.232 Coral ReefNo.238 Miss SunshineNo.245 Coral EffectNo.315 Sunset On FaceNo.320 Wannabe RedNo.325 Cranberry RedNo.345 Carnival Of LoveNo.360 Bloody BurgundyNo.362 Urban JungleNo.401 Beige ChiffonNo.430 Pink GardenNo.450 Velvet VisibleNo.465 PrivilegeNo.480 Lodge SmogNo.520 Autumn RoseNo.521 Blessing RoseNo.800 Forest FantasyNo.143 Crispy PinkNo.234 Puffy RedNo.314 Red VibeNo.365 Berry CrushNo.330 Clean Effect
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Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick 3.5g

Authentic color appeal!
Silky-soft & thin, yet rich, vivid color expression


Bold color appeal!
Silky-soft, yet rich and vivid color

NEW Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick

1.True & Intense Color

Ultra-Micronized Pigment allows stronger and more vivid color in just a single swipe

2. Silky-soft Texture

Applies smoothly along the curve of the lips in a silky and gliding feel

3. Moisture Fitting

Long-lasting moisture for smooth and supple lips

Key Points

Key Point 1

True & Intense Color

Vivid color! Silky-soft, yet rich and vivid color
Various colors! Have fun selecting lipstick colors from 35 kinds of rich color shade!
Interesting colors! Create richer, fun lip colors by mixing colors

Key Point 2

Silky-soft Texture

Applies smoothly along the curve of the lips in a silky and gliding feel
The lipstick keeps the lips comfortable all day long with its improved moisture and lasting power

Key Point 3

Want-to-have Attractive Lipstick

The contrast of White and Silver accentuates “Sparkling Edge” unique to LANEIGE
High-quality design upgrade offers soft closing and opening with magnet

All Shades

No.13 Be My Rose

No.14 Wanderers Rose

No.118 Flash Light

No.140 Martini Pink

No.142 Love Me New Me

No.144 Get Healthy Rose

No.147 Raspberry Pink

No.214 Sunrise Rose

No.232 Coral Reef

No.238 Miss Sunshine

No.245 Coral Effect

No.315 Sunset On Face

No.320 Wannabe Red

No.325 Cranberry Red

No.345 Carnival Of Love

No.360 Bloody Burgundy

No.362 Urban Jungle

No.401 Beige Chiffon

No.430 Pink Garden

No.450 Velvet Visible

No.465 Privilege

No.480 Lodge Smog

No.520 Autumn Rose

No.521 Blessing Rose

No.800 Forest Fantasy

No.143 Crispy Pink

No.234 Puffy Red

No.314 Red Vibe

No.365 Berry Crush

No.330 Clean Effect

How to use

1. Lightly apply lipstick on the lips.

2. Achieve a more attractive and defined lip line by using the triangular edge of the lipstick.

3. Softly apply without applying too much pressure as the soft stick may break easily.


Customise your own lip color!

Mix a regular color of Silk Intense Lipstick with 250 Exotic Yellow or 800 Forest Fantasy to create a new color mood!  
Make your own mixing recipe to enjoy unlimited new colors!


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