Laneige Stained GlassTick 2g Glowy Tint Lipstick


Laneige Stained GlassTick 2g

No.2 Rose QuartzNo.4 Pink SapphireNo.6 Red SpinelNo.7 Pink TourmalineNo.8 Peach MoonstoneNo.9 Cornelian RoseNo.11 Pink AgateNo.12 Red VibeNo.13 Orange AmberNo.14 Ruby ​​Garnet Red
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Laneige Stained GlassTick 2g 

A glowy tint lipstick to achieve the watery, stained glass lip makeup look that shines like jewel.


Moisturizing #JewelLips and #HydroRadiant color with #TintLipstick

A glowy tint lipstick for a watery and bright color lips as if lights shining through stained glass.

Key Points

NEW LANEIGE Stained Glasstick

Moisturizing #JewelLips and #HydroRadiant color with #TintLipstick

Key Point 1

Hydro radiant sheer color

Waterstained glow pigment for bright, clear and glowy lips with each application

Key Point 2

Jewel lips

Achieve jewel-like shine and glowy lips as Stained Glasstick maximizes the light reflection on the lips, making the lips shimmer like glass beads.

Key Point 3

Highly moisturizing melting texture

Upon contact with the lips, the lipstick softly melts onto the lips, keeping it moisturized and comfortable for long hours

Key Point 4

10 gemstone shades

10 gemstone-like shades for selection

All Shades

No.2 Rose Quartz

No.4 Pink Sapphire

No.6 Red Spinel

No.7 Pink Tourmaline

No.8 Peach Moonstone

No.9 Cornelian Rose

No.11 Pink Agate

No.12 Red Vibe

No.13 Orange Amber

No.14 Ruby ​​Garnet Red

How to use

Apply onto the lip line for a full lip color look, or tap on the center of the lips for a natural gradient lips.



1. If skin develops abnormal symptoms and side effects such as red spots, swelling, and itching while using the product, or if the application area develops the symptoms above after exposure to direct sunlight, consult your dermatologist

2. Do not apply on areas with open wounds

3. Storage & Handling
 1)Keep out of reach of children
 2)Keep away from direct sunlight


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