Multifunctional Color Light Cleaning Ultrasonic Skin Shovel


Multifunctional Color Light Cleaning Ultrasonic Skin Shovel

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Function: negative ion, ultrasonic, color light, positive ion


Material: ABS + stainless steel


Working voltage: DC5V


Rated power: 1.5W


Product power supply: USB charging


Product battery: built in 3.7v/500mah rechargeable battery


Product features


1. Positive ions lead to blue light: blue light acne, the pores of deep dirt, such as blackhead, acne, oil export


2, negative ions into red light: red light tender skin, nutrition essence into dermal dermis, glow collagen vitality


3. Four modes: cleaning care, EMS pulse soothing massage, positive ion deep cleaning, negative ion nutrition introduction


4. EMS pulse lifting technology: through the micro current stimulation muscle massage and dermis, let the skin restore elasticity, facial lines more clear


5. Nano scale ultrasonic cleaning water mist: low frequency vibration of water molecules, quickly atomized state, easier to absorb than liquid water


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