My Lip Balm Set Holiday Edition [Recommended as a gift] 15g*2ea


My Lip Balm Set Holiday Edition [Recommended as a gift] 15g*2ea

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My Lip Balm Set Holiday Edition [Recommended as a gift] 15g*2ea

Green Holiday 2020 Limited Edition Best Lip Balm Set with a cheerful design from leading artist Steven Harrington

Product Details

1. Moist #DailyLipBalm applied smoothly without stickiness
This lip balm duo is perfect for daily use, and applies smoothly without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling on the lips.

2. #MoistVibrantLips glowing brightly for the holidays
They have a tinting effect that adds a lively, natural colour to your lips.

3. Aromatic tea scent that lifts up your mood
Aromatic tea scents such as Sunkissed Cherry Tea and Wedding Peach Tea are blended into the product, creating a delicate fragrance whenever you apply it. Check out this amazing lip balm that even lifts your mood with its fragrances!

4. Limited-edition Steven Harrington design
This year, innisfree collaborates with Steven Harrington, a L.A-based artist and designer known for his cheerful and contemporary, psychedelic pop-aesthetics, to produce a limited edition innisfree 2020 Green Holidays gift collection. His signature quirky illustrations, inspired by California’s diverse culture and distinctive scenery, wonderfully adorn this year’s packaging, as it features vibrant and delightful portrayals of his witty characters exchanging gifts and spreading joy!

How To Use

[How to use] Apply when lips are dry and in need of colors.


[Caution] (1) For external use only. (2) Avoid direct contact with eyes. (3) If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. (4) Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation occurs. (5) Keep out of reach of children.


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