PIREPARA EARTH Scent Aroma Soap 300ml Of Pireparaasu Insect Repellent Force


PIREPARA EARTH Scent Aroma Soap 300ml Of Pireparaasu Insect Repellent Force

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Recommended Dosage

– wardrobe, closet

Product Use

(1) shrink film peeled off along the perforations, remove the upper container (2) Remove the aluminum seal, fitting the upper container (3) wardrobe, please use put in the closet. (4) When the gel is decreased, it is your replacement. ※ There is that white spots is deposited on the surface of the gel, but there is no quality problem. – it can be used with other insecticides. – wardrobe, please use where there is sealing of the closet or the like.

Ingredients / Materials

Vegetable ingredients (carboxylic, alpha-pinene, spearmint oil)


“Pireparaasu insect force put only deodorant Plus” protects your clothing by the effect of phytoncide by plant component. Phytoncide is a component to create in order to protect themselves plants from insects, because it does not contain an insecticidal component, more drug-sensitive and, can be used with confidence in your home where there are children. Clean deodorant odor attached to clothing. Gel-like insect repellent time replacement is found for 6 months


– Please do not place out of reach of children. Clothing when the replacement is of, please refer to the appropriate ventilation of the room. – Please use observe the usage are described. * This product does not eat. When I ate event, please consult your doctor. Please do not use other than – its intended purpose. – There is a case where dew condensation water is accumulated since the time of opening, please use caution. • Since the erroneous ingestion such as correspondence, during the use of the product please keep the product display. – Please do not touch the drug in the container. Please wash well with soap when on your hands. – It is effective about six months after the start of use, but, temperature, storage space, effects such as the use state, the validity period is different. · Sealed and direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place away from freezing.


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