Rohto Sebamed Cleansing Gel 150g


Rohto Sebamed Cleansing Gel 150g

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Rohto Sebamed Cleansing Gel 150g

Contains moisturizing ingredients that are easy to use

Sebamed is a skin care brand developed based on dermatological research.
“Sebamed Cleansing Gel” is a make-up remover that is gentle on people with sensitive skin and has the same weak acidity (pH 5.5), low irritation type, and no soap ingredients as bare skin. It does not impair the natural protective function of the skin and the natural sebum film that is important for retaining water, and can clean and moisturize excess sebum and makeup stains. Contains natural moisturizing ingredients chamomile flower extract and carrot root extract (vegetable collagen).
It can be used even if your hands and face are wet. Take an appropriate amount (cherry grain size) on the palm of your hand, blend it well with makeup so that it is gently massaged, and then rinse it off.
Allergy tested * . It has a faint botanical scent.

*: Not all people are allergic.


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