Wonder Eyelid D-UP Tape Mild 120 Pieces


Wonder Eyelid D-UP Tape Mild 120 Pieces

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Product Introduction

■ strongly to water and sweat, during a day Nie powerful keep!
■ not Bale also turned a blind eye! Buried method that hide in the concave of Nie
■ ultra-thin transparent double-sided tape having a thickness of 0.09mm. Use the friendly pressure-sensitive adhesive on the skin that are used in medical tape
■ any makeup also OK!
[Contents] tape 120 sheets (15 sheets / sheets × 8) · V-shaped single stick, case, instruction manual

Product Use

1. Clean the eyelids (take the makeup and oil) 2. the image of a line of Nie And setting the tape to 3.V shaped stick 4. Create a wearing “Nie” in eyelid tape 5. adapt the tape, finish ※ detailed wearing way, remove the way has been published with a photo in the instruction manual


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