Tax Policy

Tax Policy

Do I need to pay tax on orders at Kichimall?

Paying tax on orders strictly depends on the specific country that is receiving the shipped goods. Tax varies from one country to another. Some countries may have no issue with importing goods into, yet some countries are restrictive and require high import taxes. Therefore, you would need to do some research beforehand when importing large quantities of products to your country.

Some customs require taxes on certain types of imported products at certain quantities and values. While some customs in other countries may not have this practice. Should there be any import duty and sales tax being charged, Kichimall is not liable as you are responsible for checking the taxes in your country.

Certain categories or restricted goods are prohibited to import in most countries. Therefore, please carefully check the relevant information before ordering. 

Note: Most countries charge two kinds of tax when goods are imported from overseas. Tax includes sales tax (VAT) and import duty tax.

Last updated: 01/12/2020